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Who Are The Somerset Paddies?

The Somerset Paddies are a two-, three-, or four-piece band based in North Somerset and Bristol.

  • Billy Wicks (guitar & vocals) - formerly known as local solo artist Just William and Bungalow Bill, Billy has a great stage presence, voice, and infectious personality, you'll just love him!
  • Roger Gordon (accordion & vocals) - As they say 'don't give up your day job!' - Roger is a gem at Adge Cutler's songs.
  • Pete Cooke (fiddle) - plays electric and acoustic fiddle; great sound and highly talent with over 40 years of experience

The band also have a handful of drummers to turn to for their four-piece line-up - each perfectly capable for augmenting the band's sound.

Roger and Billy have been performing across the West Country together for eight years as The Whisky Chasers playing mostly Irish folk classics. A few years ago, Roger and Tony Styles formed a new band which they called The Tinker Boys, playing a blend of Irish music and Somerset Scrumpy & Western songs.

When this band split up, Roger got back with Bill to keep the band going under the new name - The Somerset Paddies - and a new line-up. The band do a great mix of cider-swilling and beer-drinking songs from Somerset and Ireland generating a great craic with plenty of audience participation.

The band well known now around Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, playing clubs, fairs, agricultural shows, folk festivals and the like with their unique sound of instruments and Somerset accents singing Irish songs. What more for a great craic.

With their unique sounds of West Country accent singing Irish songs, and the great blend of instruments, especially the accordion with its electronic bass and Bill's wonderful voice, Pete's fiddle; what more could anyone want for a great night out.

The band can be booked as a duo (guitar accordion & vocals), three-piece (with fiddle) or a four-piece (with drums and percussion). For more details email band@somersetpaddies.co.uk or call 07974 672089 (Roger) or 07808 767626 (Billy).

Asleep at Fingle Bridge
Asleep at Fingle Bridge

Paddies at Seend
Paddies at Seend

The Somerset Paddies.
The Somerset Paddies.

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